About Me

Brian Richardson

I started my career in software development, and have recently moved on to become an IT Architect at Olympia Financial Group. While I am still known to write code, my new role requires me to look at technology from a higher vantage point. Now I concern myself with infrastructure, networks and design methodologies and patterns.

As a developer, I've worked in C, C++, Perl, Java and C#. Both in my job and as a hobbyist and student, I've built and managed Windows and Linux servers, managed Apache, IIS and NGINX. I also know enough networking to get by. My experience has taught me the joy of technology, and my career has taught me that it's occasionally nice to be a student. Currently I'm becoming familiar with cloud technologies, especially Microsoft Azure.

When I am not working on new designs and cloud strategy, I entertain myself with all manner of games: video games, classic board games and tabletop RPGs. Sometimes I even go outside. I think about many things on a daily basis, and this blog is about sharing some of my musings, whether they be tech-related or not. 

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