I'm Brian Richardson, an IT Architect living in Calgary, Canada. I started my career as a software developer with a focus on web and database technologies. Having spent 10 or so years as a coder, I moved into an architecture role with the goal of learning how to build things bigger and better. Having done so for about 3 years, I've learned a great deal about cloud architecture, specializing in Microsoft Azure. I have learned about how to build cloud-native applications on Azure, and have taken some steps toward moving applications to .NET 5.0.

In the course of my career, I've worked with many languages, but focus today on C#. I've built and administered servers running both Windows and Linux. These days, I'm focusing on Linux as a way of saving both compute and licensing costs. I'm slowly developing a methodology to migrate existing Windows-based full framework apps to platform-independent .NET Core applications.

Outside of technology, I enjoy talking about philosophy, literature, art and many diverse topics that won't make it to this blog. And, of course, I am an avid gamer, enjoying mostly strategy and RPG titles.