SOS From Canada

I promised myself I wouldn’t use my blog for political reasons, so I’m sorry for this article. If you’re just here for my tech musings, feel free to skip this one. But if you have the time, please read. I promise it won’t be too extreme unless you’ve got a weird definition of “extreme”.

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of the Freedom Convoy protest that provoked the dictator Justin Trudeau into invoking the Emergencies Act, disarming the population and heavily censoring the media. Now, the Canadian media publishes COVID “hit pieces” daily without the ability to comment. Hence, the broken promise. It is simply not enough to “dislike” corrupt media. We must be allowed to speak, and if Trudeau has his way, I will be silent.

But as long as I have breath and an Internet connection, there will be no silencing me. The tyranny has gone way too far. No more police thugs. No more media censorship and lies. No more neurotic Ottawa elites wagging the dog. The world needs to shame Justin Trudeau for his love of the Chinese “basic dictatorship”. And certain Canadians need to stop bowing to Ottawa elites, regardless of how neurotic and how much gaslighting and emotional blackmail they use. There are a great many Canadians who think the way I do – hardly a “fringe minority” as Trudeau derides us.

Every day I endure Trudeau’s hatred of my love of Freedom. And every day I see the hatred burning him away. I will endure this, but not without help. If not people, then God. Deride me, dismiss me and ignore me. But you will not silence me.

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