Initial Thoughts on .NET MAUI

I had to run into it sometime. .NET MAUI has generated a bit of buzz in the community. For React people, it’s nothing new, I know. But the Microsoft answer to React Native is really quite nice. It allows use of both XAML and Blazor (!) pages, and produces an application that runs on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. This puts mobile and utility development in a whole new light. Now we can:

  • Create utility programs as easily as writing a Blazor WASM app. MAUI allows me to write a desktop app as a hosted SPA within the application itself. This is so much nicer than a console program for no extra effort.
  • Create native applications that runs on tablets, smartphones and desktop PCs
  • Learn one framework for web, desktop and mobile

A new, practical use for Blazor WASM! You can use the exact same controls you use in your web application inside a desktop app as well. And, since I’m on the subject, I’ll also add a plug for Radzen Blazor, a wonderful free UI library for use with Blazor WASM. These controls are beautiful and easy to use, and are completely free!

If you haven’t tried out .NET MAUI yet, try writing your next utility using it. I think you’ll never go back to console again. I am hoping that Linux support will be added as well at some point in the future, though I can see why it might be more of a challenge than Windows or MacOS.


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